Growing up poor in Depression-era South Georgia is hard enough, but Roger "Bud" MacLeod has it tougher than most. All he wants is a calm, quiet childhood. Instead, he and his siblings are caught between warring parents whose secrets threaten to tear the family apart. He'll have to grow up fast, just to endure. Before Bud can discover his strengths and confront the sins of his parents, though, he'll need to grasp his own truth: that he can't embrace his future until he comes to terms with his past.

Hardscrabble Road takes you along on Bud MacLeod's journey of betrayal and love, murder and sacrifice, and his struggle for survival of body and soul.
During the Great Depression, the U.S. government illegally deported more than a million Mexican-American citizens to make room on the welfare rolls and alleviate unemployment for white Americans. Many of these poor souls never made it back home.

Carlos Moreno is a young man who only has known hardship and poverty, chasing rumors of work throughout Texas in the 1920s. Yet he remains a romantic at heart and hopeful of a better life. Pursued by a renegade Texas Ranger who thinks he holds the key to a secret, Carlos takes refuge in “Little Mexico,” Houston’s colorful, boisterous barrio. He picks the worst possible time to fall in love. As the U.S. launches its repatriation campaign, the ranger joins forces with Immigration agents to step up his personal manhunt. Now Carlos and his wife will have to rely on courage and ingenuity to avoid the dragnet that will ensnare an entire population.
Sarah Gordon was a ballerina until a car accident took her left leg. She had spent her life focused on the world of professional ballet. Nearly 30 years old, she now must reinvent herself.

Her husband, Joe, blames himself for her accident and wants to ensure nothing bad ever happens to her again--at any cost. To become whole once more, Sarah is forced to decide if independence is worth more than love, and if having one means giving up the other.
Jake Skyler is a typical 12 year old-hanging out with his buddies, surfing the Net, and playing video games-until one day a formation of twin-tailed tiger airplanes soars overhead. Jake’s obsession with the Tiger Flight pilots and their amazing aircraft turns into a dream of learning to fly.

He faces mounting obstacles from his parents and friends. But like everyone growing up, his greatest struggles come from within. Can a daydreamer ever learn the focus and self-discipline needed to make his goal a reality?

Take off with Jake and the Tiger Flight on a full-throttle adventure about unlocking the secrets of the past, battling every day to stay on course, and grabbing a dream of the future.
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